Thorns FC: In the Dead Time

Back when I was a broth of a boy – in the Eighties, for those of you who can’t imagine such a thing – I whiled away the time at soldiering. Or, at least, what we imagined was soldiering; the notion that you could spend a career commuting between CONUS and various unpaved portions of […]

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Thorns FC: Wild Card

In the old movie this is where the editor runs into the newsroom shouting “STOP THE PRESSES!!!” To me this is intriguing on a number of levels: First, because without Macario I don’t see the #1 pick on this draft being worth all that much. Certainly not worth a subsidized player. Certainly not worth a […]

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Thorns FC: Draft Card

Well, so far it’s been an underwhelming NWSL off-season everywhere but in Australia. And we’ll talk about Thorns Down Under some time in late January or early February. Whole Lot o’ Nothin’ The hoped-for 2020 NWSL expansion is officially deader’n the passenger pigeon. Sacramento, for reasons that have still not been fully explained, was unable […]

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Thorns FC: One and Done

What was so shocking about the end of the Thorns’ 2019 season wasn’t that it came so soon, in only the 8th minute of the semifinal match in Chicago. Or that it began with a couple of individual mistakes, beginning either with Emily Menges’ mishit pass or Tobin Heath’s inexplicable phantom-backheel-to nobody, take your pick: […]

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