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New Chants

Not sure if folks saw the plea for new chants from Slide Rule Pass but I figured this would make as good a first post as any.


Someone in 107 in the last match started a player chant for Hayley Raso that went over well: "Raso, Raso Raso, oi oi oi!"  Nice short and sweet.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

If the Raso thing comes back, it would be nice if we could get the phrasing right.   The whole is sort of a call and response limerick type thing.

(call) Aussie Aussie Aussie ... (response) Oi Oi Oi

(call) Aussie Aussie Aussie ... (response) Oi Oi Oi

(call) Aussie  ... (response) Oi

(call) Aussie  ... (response) Oi

(call) Aussie Aussie Aussie ... (response) Oi Oi Oi

Just replace Aussie with Raso -- as happened at the game -- and Bob's your uncle.

Oh, I like that much better.

I'd really love to see us do the Iceland Viking chant the next time Dagny scores.


The Kat came back, the very next day
The Kat came back, we thought she was a goner
The Kat came back, she just couldn’t stay away
(repeat as needed)

Amandine *Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba*

Oh Henry, Henry *Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba*

You are our Frenchie Thoooorn!

And you've got me loving yoooouu!

To the tune of "Gloria" by Them:





repeat as necessary.


I love the idea of the Iceland chant for Dagny, but I tried out the idea and got flak because apparently the ECS does something similar and the concern was that it'd look like we were thieving from them.  Still think it's work...

And I like the idea of using parts of her anthem for Henry:

"Allons, Amandine Henry!  La jour de gloire et arrive!

Allons, Amandine!  Allons, Portland Thorns!

Marchon, marchon, au les aura! (means "they shall not pass")

Vive le Grand Henry!"

Pretty sure that the boom-boom-clap thing that the Sounders do speeds up to applause and then just stops.  The full version of the HU! chant starts very slow, includes a "HU!" on the claps, and after it speeds up into applause, it devolves back down into several rounds of:

clap clap clapclapclap clapclapclapclap ISLAND! 

And anyway, who's to say they didn't steal it from Iceland in the first place?  At least we'd be the ones who actually have an Icelandic player.  We could even morph the "ISLAND!" at the end to "PORTLAND!" to put our own stamp on it.

You know, one thing about that article from Slide Rule Pass article "A Plea For Player Songs" that I think kind of misses the mark is that I'd actually like to see the basic canon evolve more than I'd like to see individual player chants spring up.  Player songs are great, sure, and more would be cool -- but I still feel like the basic playlist of what we do calcified pretty early in our history, and even after 4 years I have a hard time picking out anything that I've a really strong attachment to.  I'm still waiting for a few of those to come along while we do 500 Songs and Saints twice in the same game.